Bible Strong Number

Strong Number [H0699]
Transliterated: 'arubbah
Phonetic: ar-oob-baw'

Text: feminine participle passive of H0693 (as if for lurking); a lattice; (by implication) a window, dove-cot (because of the pigeon-holes), chimney (with its apertures for smoke), sluice (with openings for water):
KJV --chimney, window.

This word was found 10 times in the Old Testament KJV Bible.
Genesis 8:2 |2 Kings 7:2 |2 Kings 7:19 |Ecclesiastes 12:3 |Isaiah 24:18 |Isaiah 60:8 |Ezekiel 40:16 |Ezekiel 41:26 |Hosea 13:3 |Malachi 3:10 |