Bible Strong Number

Strong Number [H4591]
Transliterated: ma`at
Phonetic: maw-at'

Text: a primitive root; properly, to pare off, i.e. lessen; intransitively, to be (or causatively, to make) small or few (or figuratively, ineffective):
KJV --suffer to decrease, diminish, (be, X borrow a, give, make) few (in number, -ness), gather least (little), be (seem) little, (X give the) less, be minished, bring to nothing.

This word was found 20 times in the Old Testament KJV Bible.
Exodus 12:4 |Exodus 16:17 |Exodus 16:18 |Exodus 30:15 |Leviticus 25:16 |Numbers 11:32 |Numbers 26:54 |Numbers 33:54 |Numbers 35:8 |2 Kings 4:3 |Nehemiah 9:32 |Psalms 107:38 |Psalms 107:39 |Proverbs 13:11 |Ecclesiastes 12:3 |Isaiah 21:17 |Jeremiah 10:24 |Jeremiah 29:6 |Jeremiah 30:19 |Ezekiel 29:15 |